Changing Mix Bus Settings on Multiple Scenes

What do you do when you have a bunch of scenes already created and you need to pair or unpair some mix buses? YammieQ to the rescue! !
The demo loops, so if it starts in the middle, wait for it to come around to the start again.!

This demo shows 5 scenes, each with different Bus pairings. Once YammieQ is activated, each scene is set to all Mono buses.
First, I’m walking through the scenes showing the Pairing of the buses and how they’re all different for each scene.
Next, I activate the setup on YammieQ which has a cue triggered by the recall of each scene. In that cue, the pairing of the buses is set back to Mono x 2. At that point, each scene is stored, with the new bus setup locked in.
After that, with YammieQ deactivated, I recall each scene showing that the Bus pairing has been set to Mono x 2 for every scene.