CL3 centralogic

Hi everybody.
Great forum, loads of useful information, thanks. I probably know more about MIDI implementations on Yamaha desks than I ever thought I would.

I’m having some trouble with a CL3 that maybe someone can help me with.

When I use an M7CL I select the user preference for ‘fader bank follows select’ - this way I can blunder around the desk and just jab the select key for any channel I can see, and it is brought to the middle and shown on the screen so I can work on it.

I have tried this on the CL3 with the same user preference, but it doesn’t seem to work. I’m inclined to think it’s probably something that I’ve overlooked, any ideas?


Hello and welcome!
What is the name of this setting exactly on the CL3 and on what page do you find it described in the manual? I can’t see anything in the manual about a function like that.

To be honest I have never looked at the manual for the desk.
The first time I was introduced to the CL series was when I turned up to rig for a gig, and that was the desk given by the hire company.
In almost every way it is operated the same way as the M7CL, but with a great deal of additional and very useful features.

I believed the whole centralogic workflow was build around bringing whatever channel needed to be worked on, to the centre section of the desk. This is much easier when you just select the channel, and the centre section automatically jumps to that area.

I’ll have a look in the manual. Maybe it was never meant to do this and I’m living in the past.