CL5 Dimming

Hi All
I am trying. to make a CL5 act like a Digico in the talk back section. I need to talk to a person at the other end of my aux and i need to dim the mix going to this so they can hear the TB requests . I would like to avoid complicated aux level changes from a SCP command just in case there is a failure from the stream deck or the stream deck app.
i was trying to use the talkback section but. there was no SCP code written also i was trying to do a 1/2 insert to the buss but again the was no SCP code to do this.
i tried using the recorder but it would not record those buttons . Im up for any ideas i do want to use the stream deck app so the it can be wireless and create a macro on the console to get me out of jail if it fails after the command sends and i cant get it back to normal

Thanks for any help in advance Neil

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Hi All
I am trying to make a CL5 dimm like a Dicico does to auxes
I am wanting to use the stream deck app to remote to the CL5 i also need a way to get back to normal if the app fails
I have tried the dimm and tb function but it only effects the monitor buss
I don’t want to have the app do too much like bring all of the ch’s going to the aux down with level control again because of the possible failure issue
Im open to any idea that i can run with the app it needs to be remote

Thanks Neil

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My knowledge of the deeper operation of DiGiCo is pretty limited.

Can you explain what this “dimm” function is that you speak of, i.e. what exactly it does? (not how to do it on a Yamaha - I can help you with that)

Hi Andy And thanks
The Dimm function on the Digico lowers the output of the buss when the talk button is engaged so the the talk can be louder than whatever is coming from the buss it is variable down to -20

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Gotcha. Cool feature. Surprised that it doesn’t exist natively on the Yamaha.

Well, I can think of a couple of ways to do this off the top of my head, neither of them perfect…

Using Mute Groups:

[li]Set up Mute Masters for each mix, and set their Dim function to a small amount 5-10db.[/li]nr[li]When talking to a particular mix, press that mute button, and the mix will be lowered.[/li][/ul]


[li]The monitor level will drop by whatever you set the Dim level to, so you’ll have to turn the TB up into their mix by that amount. Forgetting to press the mute button for that mix when pressing TB will blow their heads off. If you did this on a SD button, however, you could make sure that both happen at the same time, and even that the TB goes back to a normal level when the button is released.[/li]nr[li]You only have 8 mute masters and if you have more than 8 mixes or need the masters for other purposes, that won’t work for you.[/li][/ul]

Use a Ducker on the player’s mix:

[li]Set it up so that the player’s mix has a ducker on it’s master output sourced from the TB channel/Mix.[/li]nr[li]When talking to a mix, enable the ducker source to be the TB channel/Mix for that mix.[/li]nr[li]When the ducker is enabled, and the TB has signal, the mix will lower by the ducker setting amount[/li][/ul]


[li]You’ll have to use a Mix for the TB send, as ducker sources are limited to mixes[/li]nr[li]Tough to do without automation - you’d really need to use the SD to create a button that turns on TB, sends the TB to a particular mix and enables the ducker.[/li]nr[li]Cleaner operation and shouldn’t be hard to do with Companion.[/li][/ul]

I just noticed that there doesn’t seem to be a ducker available for mix outputs, just a comp, which wouldn’t be much good…

You could still automate the lowering of the output level along with sending the TB to that mix via Companion.

Thanks Andy
I was trying to use companion to insert the tb mic directly to the insert of the mix buss and turn it on and off would which work but there is no line for that in the companion app and it would not record that in the recorder macro

How would that work? If you punch it into the insert then it would kill the mix entirely, no?

if the SCP module doesn’t have the function, the Yamaha-MIDI module will. (Only downloadable here)

yes that is correct and would be fine for my needs
will the midi mod work w stream deck ?

Have a look at the video in the 2nd post:

Did you give it a try?

Yes thanks!!
I got it working today and now I need to build all of the buttons now we can have ipads in all of our studios and they will all look the same for this control for Digico and Yamaha

That’s great! Glad to hear it.