COM ports for CPS

Is there a certain COM port that the CPS software will work on? Right now my USB to Serial (Prolific) is set on COM 3. I’m trying to read my radio in DTR CPS 3.0 with no success.

Under the menu item “Edit”, choose “Preference” and then turn off Auto Detect and choose COM3.
Click “OK” and then click “Read”.

If you get no response, either your CPS cable isn’t working, the connection to the Radio is bad, the USB to RS232 adapter isn’t working, the driver didn’t install, or your Radio has Rev1 firmware.

Thanks for getting back to me so soon. I have tried those solutions you suggested. My two 550 radios were manufactured in February 2015, so I assume they are Rev3. I am using a windows 10 pc and have properly loaded the appropriate drivers for the USB to Serial converter. The programming cable was purchased new, genuine from Zorro tools on eBay. I have downloaded what I believe is the latest Business Radios CPS 5.0 web based software to no avail. I believe the issue may be the $2.99 USB to Serial adapter that I bought on eBay. I am on my way to Frys to get one locally and will see if the results are any different.

Update: The crappy eBay $2.99 USB to Serial was the culprit. Lesson learned in trying to accomplish something such as programming $270 radios with a $3 adapter. Spend a little extra money and get the right accessories to do the job.

Great news and a lesson learned.