Companion CLQL module - Copy/Paste Bug


I just found a Bug in the Yamaha CLQLi Module.
When using the copy / paste function on the Console, the feedback gets hung up.
Controlling is still possible but the Feedback is spammed with:
22.02.16 10:46:14 instance(yamaha-MIDI): Recv: undefined Ch:06 Scene:0
22.02.16 10:46:14 instance(yamaha-MIDI): Recv: undefined Ch:06 Scene:0

The message is then submitted continously.
A restart of the Midi Module fixet it temporarily until Copy/paste is next used

Hope you can fix it, for now I just have to remember that I wont use the Copy / Paste functon during the show

Thank you for your wonderful Work

Thank you very much for reporting that! I have to admit, I’d never tested copy/paste while companion is running.
Are you copying a channel? All parameters?

Ok, just tested this, and I’m not seeing any issues. It copies just the parameters that are different from one channel to the other.

Please do this for me if you don’t mind.

  1. Make sure you have the latest build that includes the “Export Log” button on the log page.
  2. Clear the log
  3. Do a single copy/paste
  4. Hit “Export Log”, save the log file
  5. Post the log file here as an attachment (zipped if needed)

I may need your show file too, but we’ll start with the log.

Thank you!


I will post the log tomorrow.
I should have clarified that the problem occurs when using copy/paste in the EQ window or in an effect for example.
Thank you for the quick response


Ah! I was doing channel copy/paste.
I have reproduced the issue on EQ Copy/Paste. No need for logs yet. Let me see what’s causing the error I see first.

Try the new build. Should fix the issue.

Again, thank you for letting me know about this!

It works! Thank you for the fast Support.

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