Companion modules for Yamaha PM5D

HI, there, has anybody heard of modules for Yamaha Pm5D?, if there is a surface that needs it , is the PM5D,( no touchscreen, crapy touchpad…), making macros for it would make life easier .

The tricky part is that the PM5D doesn’t use TCP (networking) for control/communications. It uses USB, Serial, MIDI, etc. So… one would need a translation program in-between. There’s probably some out there, but the effort vs reward for integrating a console that should have been retired years ago seems too great. If someone needed it badly enough, I could probably be convinced (read: by money) to build something, but I doubt anyone would need that badly enough.

Yamaha Studio Manager on a laptop/computer works very well.
If you have a touch screen then it is better, but the surface is large so you would need quite a large monitor and probably a pen.
But even without a touchscreen it is easy to use a mouse on a 15" laptop and the graphics give an excellent overview of the settings of the console in real time.
Link for windows version… PM5D V2 Editor V2.2.5 for Win 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP - Yamaha - United States

the problem is not controlling the board from a computer, the thing is that by default a lot of things are not assigned or ON the PM5D , meaning that some preparation needs to be done prior to mix a show, (assigning effects units, eq’s, HP’s etc…)preparation that requires several steps to be done either from a computer or the surface and that may not be worth being preloaded in a scene file , that’s why I thought about using macros .

I cannot see anything in Studio Manager that is not controllable for the PM5D, although I have a vague recollection that the compressor knee has different NRPN resolution on some desks.
I regularly (when I will be using one which is rare nowadays) prepare my show in advance using Studio Manager and then simply sync the desk to my prepared show when I arrive.
I open 2 editors before I start and save the current setup of the desk to my laptop to avoid problems for the owner. I can then return the desk to its previous state when I have finished.
Then I can drag the output library from the current setup into my prepared setup, switch editors, and upload my show.
If there was a bizarre input patch then I have its library in the old editor and can drag it into my show editor but that is unusual for a PM5D (much more likely with recent desks with multiple digital interfaces).
Its probably best to try it out in a relaxed atmosphere before using in anger.