Companion Pi Crashing - Pulls down every companion instance


I have a Yamaha QL5 in a streaming studio that has 4 computers running Companion connected to the network that do various commands to the QL.

I have been experiencing an issue with a Raspberry Pi running companion.

The Pi is responsible for operation a shout to a few mix minus’, where it mutes all of the channels that go to the mix-minus and unmute the “shout” channel. It then does the opposite when pressed again. Set to toggle On and Off

So that I didn’t need to manually set up every action, I recorded two Macros per mix-minus and then used the button to trigger each macro.

each press would have about 32 x commands to achieve this.

If these are pressed a few times the companion instance on the raspberry pi crashes and i get an error on every companion instance that has the QL instance loaded.

Has anyone experienced this?

SCP or MIDI module?
Multiple copies of Companion connected to the same console?

Hi Andy,

It is the SCP Module on the Pi as well as two other machines.

Yes they are all connected to the same console.

Other than the multiple press scenario, everything works as it should?
Latest companionPI?
RPI is a 4 with 4g or 8g ram?
Any other modules running on PI?
What exact error message are you seeing on the other Machines when the RPI crashes?
Is there an error shown on the RPI?

Any further info on this, @Yorke ?