Completely changing the functionality of an existing console button

Okay, i need to do this on an actual console to see if it glitches but…

I wondered if i could actually pick an unused or rarely used button and just have it do something completely different. So what i did was i set a button as my trigger. in this case it was turning ON the direct out of a channel. I then set the first cue to be triggered to be turning OFF the direct out. then i added other cues doing other things.

Predictably it works, but this has some nifty applications. There are always a lot of rarely used buttons on the screen. Being able to repurpose them for some other application without accidentally causing something weird because you’re also doing something native to the console that you don’t really need to do is pretty nifty. It also means that if the button is natively a toggle you have effectively eliminated the toggle so the button will do the same command EVERY time you hit it.

I could see if you use something that’s actually in a signal path it might be audible. But i suspect that in most cases it would not be.

Just thought i’d share.

Yeah, that’s one of the main uses for YammieQ, basically having a trigger (which can be any control) do something else entirely.

Another user had an idea about having the color strips on the channels change depending on a parameter in the channel. Allows you to see at a glance without having to open up the channel strip the status of some part of the channel. I created a setup that changed the channel color to green if the HPF was on. He had the idea of changing it to red if the phantom power was on. I think these kind of shortcuts and customization are a great use of YammieQ.