Connect DTR550 to Zello Network via ROIP-1

Im in the process of trying to interface a Zello talkgroup to a RadioTone RT-ROIP1 ip gateway. Just wondering if anyone else has done anything like this? Im connecting the radio via the accessory port using the standard Motorola 2 pin jack. The problem Im running in to is that I can receive fine on the zello channel monitoring the DTR netowork but cant transmit to it. I think it has to do with the delay and the talk permit tone causing the ROIP1 to think the radio is receiving instead of transmitting. If I can successfully build a flash cable and update the DTR firmware (currently stuck on V2) I will lower the talk permit tone and try again. Ill be sure to post the results. This is a great radio, it just seriously lacks documentation and support, except for this forum.