Connect to 01V96 via cable

I have my 01V96 hooked up to a router and I control it wirelessly…but for a back up solution, I would like to have a cable that will go at least 20-25 feet. I have tried one of those special USB Extenders…and a 30ft USB and they don’t work. They make my laptop freeze up.
Has anyone found a cable over 20 feet that works?
Thanks for any info…

  • Jay

Does that sort of USB cable require a driver?

Not that I can see.

This is the long one I bought:

And this is the extender.

Neither worked.
I tried them independently, not at the same time.

Not sure why they don’t work, but couldn’t you just connect to your router with an ethernet cable as a backup to the wireless?

I agree…I’m not sure why it doesn’t work.
I updated all the XP Windows updates…and the long cable works if connected to an external hard drive or something like that…but when I plug into the 01V…Laptop freezes.
The ethernet cable is a great idea though. Was just planning in case of a total router meltdown. I think I’m actually just going to buy a second router…they’re almost as cheap as a cable now a days.
Thanks Andy.

  • Jay

Hi Jay,

Any o fthe USB-2 products from Icron will work well:

I use both the CAT5 and Fiber-optic extenders.

Good health, Weogo