Connecting Companion to Program running on TCP Tunnel/ Any Desk

Hey Andy,

I wanted to open a thread in reference to using Companion with machines connected via the TCP tunnel in Any Desk that we were using the other week during our RP demo…
You had mentioned that it would be possible to send Companion Commands to the machine that was on the far side of Any Desk using the TCP tunnel feature in the program…

After connecting to the remote machine and starting the TCP tunnel, We had said that the port settings were 49280 on both the local server and the remote… Then in the companion module I tried to type in the IP address of the computer on the remote side… I was not able get commands from companion to reach my computer on the far side… I tried with both TF Editor and Qlab modules in Companion.

I have yet to be able to make it work. Any suggestions about making it do the thing?


Hi Ben;

It’s a little tricky for sure. I think maybe try entering the localhost IP ( in Companion.
Port 49280 on both sides
Console IP on far end
LocalHost IP on your end

Might make it work. Let me know!

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Dunno what port Qlab uses. 49280 is for SCP (TF/CL/QL) only. You’d have to add another tunnel with the Qlab port as well.