Connecting to the Editor

DiscoBot is who to interact with to raise your trust level, but it looks like you’ve gotten yourself sorted out!

What do you mean by “times out”? What times out? The editor or companion? What are your settings in companion? What do you see in the companion logs?

Hi Andy. Thanks for the response. I dont have that companion version going now. I want to say “timeout” was in the log.
However… I did download your companion version and got it to see the editor.
The status reads “Im listening”. I add a companion button and hit record, button show REC but nothing showing in log as being transmitted to companion from editor.
Any ideas here? Is the “Im Listening” a normal status for connection?

Click on the ? beside the instance for instructions on how to use the module. (Or any module)

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Needed that specific IP address for editor. Didnt know about the ? help. Thank you so much!!

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