Controlling the LS9 with BCF2000

OK…! Now I control it…! (Ls9 with BCF2000) but only 8 first faders… The question is… where are some layers or…? Any way many thanks…!

Update: I know, I know RTFM…! but… but… I try to use BCedit… I could not open any of your files or official files (from Behringer website) it says that “Wrong filetype Sorry, the file you selected is not usable”

Update: Quite unstable program (BCedit) tryed from another PC… again it’s not working properly…

Note: I’m upload one of your files (NRPN 1-8 fader + NRPN on off toggle + sysex (01v96 only) select.syx) to my BCF2000 not from BCedit, not from Midi-Ox, but with SendSX… After that, I try to open it in BCedit (from BCF) - OK, but when I try to safe any change - "Time out error while sending: “$rev F1” We are currently working on “$rev F1"”

Hello Silbermond

I have attached a folder with stuff that might help… especially bcfredit.exe (otherwise known as Birdie). You do not need to install it (it is “portable”) and it is by far the best for changing files and pushing them into your BCF. Also there are some sysex files for various desks that might help. I cannot help you straight away but maybe in a few days I will have time to make some more presets.

David Kent.

It’s fantastic…! many thanks…! Today I will try again…! (I’m confused… I thought that an official editor (BCedit from official Behringer website) and described in your manual is the same… :slight_smile:
Again, thanks for the help…!!!

Yes, Birdie is much easier. NRPN is much easier than sysex as well, and is not desk specific. That means if you can use nrpn your presets will work with any Yamaha desk (nearly always true). I wrote about this a while ago somewhere on Andy’s site.
What you need now is this…
and then you can make pages 9-16, 17-24 etc. for your BCF.
You are lucky as well that with NRPN it is the decimal values that you need to put in the “P” box in Birdie, and not the hex values.

I am very sorry if I made a mistake about the editor name. I will look for it and correct it if I can. I wrote quite a lot all over the forum before starting the blog. If you do a search for whale-av you might find more of the information that you need! Also, I am not always correct… I leave that to Andy! … Especially with Midi!


No, it’s okay …! I used this manual, but link to the program is not working… why I thought that it was an official version, don’t know… :dontknow:
Anyway, it’s very cool that I found this site, it’s the best and exclusive…!

Just now looked to the tables … I have no words… It’s outstanding…

Thank you Silbermond,

Yes, I see, the link is down… sorry! I have put a new link that I have found, and posted it on the blog as well just in case. I think it might be useful to start a real “aladdin’s cave” repository for useful old open-source programs that nobody can find.


It means that I can take one of (from your manual) NRPN-based file to modify it (“P” value)…? Or and other values in case of LS9 need to be changed…?
Note: for now I want to control faders only…

Best wishes…!

With NRPN there is not a header (unlike sysex) so any desk set to use NRPN will receive the message. How it is interpreted depends on the desk, but most Yamaha consoles are pretty much the same. I seem to remember that I put the on/off button in sysex (so that it would toggle correctly on the BCF), so it will only work on an 01v96. You would have to change part of the sysex after F0 43 10 3E (Yamaha digital mixer on midi channel 1). The next byte can be desk specific and needs to be changed for the LS9 … see here… If you look at the sysex coming into Studio Manager you will see what that byte should be for the LS9, or look in the manual, but that is more difficult to understand! 7F means “any” and might work, but it is not guaranteed… you will have read about that in my manual (blog).

Yes, just change the “P” box… so for faders 9-16 put 8-15… etc. Maybe you should change the buttons as well, or remove their data so you don’t make any mistakes later. Then just rename the file and save it… and load it into page 2 on the BCF. Don’t forget to save page 2 on the BCF and then you can switch between pages 1 and 2 for the channels 1-16. Once you are sure that you have that working go on to pages 3…>


How or where I can see what coming into Studio Manager…? in Midi-Ox or where are some monitors in Studio Manager which shows input midi commands…? (Maybe I didn’t see this part in manual, if so PLEASE EXCUSE ME…!!!)
Note: I do not feel myself very poweful in midi… For now in Midi-Ox (on my desk PC which connected to Ls9 thru midi cable) I set input from my notebook (thru rtpMidi) to output Midi IO (sound interface on my desk PC) ONLY… I do not use Change Recorder and MIDI Yoke ports are not connected… In other words, everything works in one way… And it is not the last reason for this because I have only one midi cable… :icon_redface:

Again, many thanks…!!!

Update: I need to get one more midi cable connect it from Ls9 to MIDI IO and I will see incoming commands from Ls9 in Midi-Ox… Is it right…?

Hello Silbermond,

You will only get NRPN messages from the desk’s midi port (unless you do a bulk dump). Using Studio Manager you would send and receive sysex messages, but I am sorry, I had forgotten that you cannot see these messages with an LS9 because it uses an Ethernet connection and DME Network Manager. On the PM5, 01V96 and other desks with a USB connection you can make some virtual ports, connect through them, and see all the messages in Midi-Ox.

If you want to do as I suggested with the sysex here is what you need:
The Sysex info for the LS9 is on page 262 of the LS9 (pdf) manual… at 4.1.1
So an LS9 sysex message will be:

F0 … sysex message
43 … Yamaha
1n … n=midi channel-1
3E … digital mixer
12 … LS9
xx … data (7 hex values that determine the parameter and it’s value)
F7 … end of message

In the file that you have (NRPN 1-8 fader + NRPN on off toggle + sysex (01v96 only) select.syx), some of the upper buttons (33-40) are programmed in sysex for the 01v96. You will see “learned” selected in the top box. You need to change the 5th byte from 0D (01v96) to 12 (LS9) for all of the strings in the “tx” boxes.


Yes… My desk PC (and sometimes notebook) connected to Ls9 thru DME Network Manager… But again I don’t know very much about how it works… Information (about difference between Yamaha consoles) is very intresting for me because I have worked with Ls9 only but in future who knows what can happen…
About information what and how I need to change… THANK YOU FOR THIS DETAILED EXPLANATION…!!!
Now I FEEL that I CAN change presets for each group of faders by myself…!

SO have you made any further progress with getting control of all the faders on the LS9? I’d be interested in any BCF2000 preset files you may have created along the way. No point in re-inventing the wheel!

Yes…! All faders…! But I’m stopped (any of my trainings in this way) right now because of… anyway… If my mind will be clear for next days I can remember where I put the things (files or presets) and… you can write to my e-mail I’ll be glad if I can help you…!
P.S. where are amaizing app for iPad -> StageMix for Ls9…! I can tell a little about this too…! Good luck…! And thanks again to whale-av…! You are the Great Man…!

Bit old topic, but looks like what I have been looking for when the 32 faders on the LS9/32 are not enough :slight_smile:

AS Steine, I’m pretty sure this will help me to remotely control my LS9 when I’m sitting in front of my video mixer deck

Thanks for all the useful info