Convert DTR620 (Mexican version) to DTR650 (USA version) - Can it be done

Have a bunch of DTR620, the Mexican version of the DTR650. They do not talk to each other even after a complete factory reset. Is there anyway to drop American DTR650 firmware into a Mexican DTR 620?

I called Motorola and kindly got hung up on before they asked where I got the DTR620, Which was ebay…

Any ideas guys?

I thought they used different frequencies. If so, not very likely that you can “fix” that with a firmware update…

You are correct, they do use different frequencies for spread spectrum hopping.

However, over 10+ years ago, the FCC mandated Nextel pay the police to replace radios that could not be “rebanded/frequency change” due ro Nextels interference to the public safety band. Older 800Mhz radios could not have their firmware upgraded to change the new “band plan”
in the 800Mhz band that would prevent this digital interference. Newer radios could just be firmware upgraded to use the new rebanded frequency tables.

All 700-800-900Mhz Motorola radios use “fixed” front end RX/TX filters. I’ve opened up the 620 and 650 and this filter is the same part #. This tells me that both radios use the 902-928Mhz band.

After watching two 650’s communicating properly and two 620’s on a Spectrum analyzer, both “looked” the same, yet because of the frequency hopping all over the band, the spectrum analyzer could not
keep up with the fast (20ms) hopping. Also this spectrum analyzer could not digitally store this information for further analyzing.

Ive tried using the serial cable to force 650 firmware into the 620, but it errored out 1/2 way. I forget the exact error message. I modified the firmware software to bypass this part of the code where the error came up, but
apparently I’m missing other checks in the code that verifies the Country code for the 620 vs 650. There is another software that uses a USB modified cable, but I don’t have this USB cable yet. Will get this USB cable and
try the other software. Will report back with my findings.

Hi, I have original motorola firmware cable and dtr620. Coul you send me the modified firmware? Thanks

rovelasco: This may be a stupid question but Im new to the product line. Is there a different CPS for the mexican radios or will the NA version work with them?

I’m in a similar situation, just purchased a few DTR620s on fleaBay and was wondering if they’ll pose a problem playing nice now that I realize they’re not originally US market. I suppose in my case, since these are the first DTRs I’ve owned, I should just make sure that any additional radios I get are also 620s and that should behave with each other even in the Us, correct?

It looks like you will have to keep the same models. reading through the threads it appears that the mexican radios use a differnet version of software and that version defaults to different frequencies. I am looking for the mexican CPS to verify that. Maybe the person selling you the radios has the CPS?

I’ve got the two radios talking, and one of them I managed to upgrade using the firmware files found here (thank you!) but the CPS versions I’ve found on this and other sites refuses to talk to the 620. I found a latin american specific “DTR620 CPS” on a spanish blog site, but that CPS won’t talk to the upgraded radio – It does talk to the other, non-upgraded radio, but I need to get the contacts and groups transferred to these and can only do it with CPS. I’ve only found two references to a newer DTR620 CPS, one on that spanish blog site (but the link to version 2 is broken and most of the comments mention that…) and one on radiosoftware[dot]ru, but I’m not even convinced either of these places ever had version 2 of the DTR620 so you can imagine I’m skeptical of paying $155 to a russian hacker for something they probably don’t have. lol. Anyone know if there’s a version 2 of the DTR620 CPS (*620 specific - not regular DTR CPS) out in the wild??

Can you link the LA version you have. I agree I refuse to pay for software that was free from the manufacturer. The site your refering to is known to be a ‘trade with me and ill trade with you’ site the problem is you trade gold and get back copper. IE you trade latest CPS for DTR and you only get back a version that is all over the net anyway.

Personally I think manufacturers charging for software to program your purchased hardware is unfair. Sites asking you to upload in promise to download are just as bad. Ill keep hunting the V2.0 refered to. If its out here someone probably has it in their private files .

Iceberg, the only DTR620 CPS I’ve found is version 1.0, which I found at: h**p://

Thank you for the link I have downloaded and added the v1.0 software to my files. Its a shame the link to the v2.0 is bad.

Thanks for the thread. I picked up a 620, thinking it was a 650 and have been disappointed with my oversight ever since. Looking forward to see if anyone is able to flash the 620 to make it think it’s a 650…