So I was using the Sends on Fader app, which has been a wonderful tool for soundchecks.
Everything was working fine, then Sends on Fader crashed. Now I cannot get it to work again.

Here’s the setup (this has been working flawlessly for a few weeks now):

Network Connection plugged into AMX NXA-WAP250G WAP via standard cat5 cable
Wireless Connection on laptop connected via static ip
Windows XP SP3

I even ditched the wireless to make sure that wasn’t the culprit, and connected via a standard cat5 cable from console to laptop.
The LS9 Editor connects fine when I use the console ports and not the midi ports for the sends on fader app.

Sends on Fader will connect for a brief moment, but then crash.

Any ideas?


Well, that’s a first, I must say. Pretty much nobody has trouble with this app.

I’m curious, though… How does it crash? Is there an error message or anything?

I think I might have found the reason. After opening LS9 Editor, I didn’t select the midi channels, and just opened sends on fader. When sends on fader tried to connect, it crashed.
There was no error message, it just closed.

Hmm. Strange. I guess it doesn’t like non-existent MIDI ports. Strange though that it just closes without an error.

Glad you found the cause of the problem, though! Thanks for letting me know.