CUE/PFL Control with TF SCP

Hey there,
I’ve been playing around with the TF-Module for Companion lately to do some radio style automation (starting a player and opening channels). Works great.
Is it right, though, that I cannot control the TFs CUE/PFL state for channels?
The Companion log does not show anything, when I press Cue buttons on the console, so I assume its not part of the protocol?
Would be great to have PFL for my audio players with triggering CUE. Now I had to build my own PFL bus with a matrix and a PFL send.
Perhaps I’m missing something, otherwise I’ll stick to my “custum pfl” solution.
Thanks for your thoughts and greetings from Germany

That would certainly be the way to confirm it. Any SCP messages that the console supports will show up in the log when you operate a parameter that you’re checking.