Custom DCA roll-out bank for selected DCA

As the CL1 has only 2 fader banks with a limited amount of 8 faders, it requires some creativity when programming shows when one wants to use the full potential of the 56 featured channels ( :eusa_think: ). I like to use the custom fader banks in conjunction with the DCA roll-out to lay out the desk as intuitively possible for the show.
My main fader banks (A1 and B3 for the CL1) usually feature some DCA’s on the left side, which spill to the centralogic section when selected, giving me full view of as much channel parameters as possible. When no DCA’s are selected, the centralogic section shows a mix of the most important channels for the scene, often a mix of some normal input channels with one or two DCA’s, and sometimes an output channel or two.
Standard CL software allows for the DCA roll-out to be limited to one fader bank for all DCA’s. It’s logical to select the centralogic section as the roll-out bank for the DCA’s layed out on the left side, however for the DCA’s in the main fader bank which is on the centralogic section by default it can be annoying that the DCA master (together with the rest of the bank) disappears when it’s selected because the channels roll-out on the same fader bank.
This is where I thought YammieQ might help.
I used the select button of the DCA as the trigger. In the clip below there’s a separate trigger for each used DCA. As the MIDI messages use the channel number as identification, the triggers can also be made a single value trigger, which is a bit more elegant. The cue is simply the selection of the DCA roll-out bank, channel job -> DCA selection -> roll-out bank menu.

What happens:
Whenever a DCA is selected, YammieQ sends the message to the board to reconfigure DCA roll-out bank, which it does instantly.

2 Things that require a bit of attention.

  • Because YammieQ reconfigures this part of the console every time a cue is sent, a trigger has to be made for every DCA used. A DCA with an undefined roll-out bank will roll-out to the bank configured for the previously selected DCA. Which will result in a seemingly random behavior.
  • The same MIDI message containing the information for the selected bank also carries the information for the roll-out side: whether the channels will be orientated on the left or the right side of the selected bank. This can be very handy, but can also result in annoying behavior when one forgets to pay attention to it when programming.