DAW TC sync from Hyperdeck

Would be great to be able to SEND Midi timecode as a variable from my Hyperdeck (TC) to slave my DAW (Merging Pyramix) - possible today because it (through my sound card, Merging Hapi) read analog LTC (as MTC) from Hyperdeck TC out, but that takes an extra audio cable run… would be great to be able via IP and in the computer internally. Don’t know whats possible i Companion.
Or maybe the other way around? but I’m not sure if there’s any command for “search” or TC chase on Hyperdeck (I have the newer HD mini) - only jog/shuttle.
I guess you guys here know more about this.

Meaning that if you could take the TC variable from Hyperdeck module and paste into a ”MTC sender” in the new Generic midi module wich can be read by the Pyramix DAW (using RTPmidi)

Why couldn’t you send LTC to your DAW over the network? Why do you have to use an audio cable?

The TC output (BNC connector) from Hyperdeck is analog, so is also the the sound card (XLR connector), so old school there.

I don’t know if the TC coming out of the hyperdeck ethernet port is “real” LTC/SMPTE (and how to capture that) or just embedded numbers in the BLM Hyperdeck protocol.

Just to explain. I’m recording classical music, so sound card/converter (the one with TC port) will always be on stage, and computer (and hyperdeck) in a control room far away, connected by AoIP (Ravenna/Aes67, both audio and TC). So I then have to ”send back” the LTC in long cable runs, seems a bit old of a workflow…

This meaning I have to send the time code audio back in a long cable.

The Pyramix DAW is very capable dealing with legacy machine, like Sony VTRs etc, and works with Avid Eucon control, Mackie control and others.
But it doesn’t work with OSC which seems to be the bigger thing in companion modules.
MTC and Midi machine control would be the way to go.

Summary, it would be so convenient to both trigger recording/playback and sync/scroll with timecode, all using companion.

To be able after a recording session to scroll around and audition the different takes, multiple
hyperdecks and multitrack audio in sync.

I might be missing much simpler methods, I don’t know.