DCA spill+ on QL1

I have been using YammieQ to rewrite the 1st custom fader bank. Faders 1 thru 8 are always DCAs 1 thru 8. Faders 9 thru 16 & sometimes masters A&B are used for DCA contents plus other inputs that aren’t in the DCAs . I have five vocalists that their faders are always on deck unless the drums are selected. 9 drum mics so fader 17 (usually DCA 16 , outputs DCA) becomes drum channel 9. The select buttons on the DCAs trigger the scripts to rewrite those faders. My programming does not read any of the DCAs, therefore, I have to write the scripts manually. This gives me the option to include other things on the spare faders. I have several unused lines of command in each script to give me a little quicker ability to make changes. My main lines are never touched except to uncheck them for playback. My extra lines are edited incase I do something dumb in the heat of the moment. My layout doesn’t do major changes very often. I mix for a 9 piece band. I no longer do more than a few one-offs a year.

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That’s super-cool!
Do you have a video of it in operation?
I’d also love to see your YammieQ file if you feel like posting it.

Thank you for sharing!