Default/Alternate Port


We’ve been using your build for theater cues for over a year now - very helpful (InputOn/ChannelOn for cast mics on stage)

We’re looking to do some more advanced stuff with MIDI with the students. I know the default port is 49280 - but we need to use “alternate” in your build.

What is the “alternate” port, and/or can you tell me where in The CL5/QL5 I can change to “default” (assuming that is 49280)

We’re using Apple MIDI Network Setup (cabled directly with fixed IP addresses, so no port blocking). See attached.

MIDI Network Setup

The alternate port is for the MIDI module. Are you seeing an “alternate” choice on the RCP module?

It’s the RCP port thats 49280,

Sorry - got those confused. This is a screenshot of what is working. I’d like to know the port number that is associated with “Alternate” (and “Default”)

You don’t use Apple MIDI, just connect the console to your network, same way that you would using the offline editor. In fact, you should check your connection FIRST using the editor, make sure it connects to your console, and once it does, close the Editor and run Companion.

Sorry that I am not clear - all is working well with companion for over a year.

What I am interested in doing is writing my own program to call MIDI to the QL5 or using some other utility.

To do that I need to know the port number that MIDI listens on for the QL5.

I can set up a Wireshark listener if you don’t know there port number for “default” and “alternate”. Just thought those might be constants in your code.