Delay control for M7 / LS9

Following the thread from PSW to here …

We have an M7 and three LS9s and an add on that allowed external control of the delays and in particular a global disable and reset to zero is something I’d be happy to bang on .

We have 4 M7CL’s and 3 LS9’s, will be a pleasure to test your aplication Sir.

Asignment of graphic eq’s to faders could be an invaluable tool.

Thanks, guys.

What I’m looking for is folks that are experienced in using Studio Manager with their consoles, and have used and are comfortable with the Sends on Fader program. If you haven’t used it yet, then download it and get comfortable with it, configuring it for the LS9 and M7CL.
Experience with troubleshooting problems with software on Windows PCs is needed, and in addition, you will need to be able to make clear troubleshooting notes and reports.

I do not have an LS9 or M7CL so I will be relying on your clear descriptions of problems, operation and so on so your involvement and participation is key to this project succeeding.

I’ll give it a few more days to see if others want to join the effort before I send you some software to test.

It’s already there on the LS9, and not possible on the M7CL. If you’re referring to eq on faders of SM, that’s not something I’m interested in doing, sorry.

Never mind, it worked in Firefox …

I am reasonably familiar with Studio manager and happy to to work with any app that operates in that framework. When I try to download SOF or the automixer app I get a .php file rather than a zip. Whats the deal with that?

10-4. I was just about to tell you that if you run into that, it’s a browser issue.

Write back when you guys have gotten SOF working and are comfy with it.

for the record: I’d really like to be able to remotely adjust delays on M7 and LS9 :slight_smile:

I just can’t believe than so few people want to test the program…:eusa_think:

my hopes to Andy don’t be disappointed.

Ok, guys. 1st step is I need to verify the commands sent/received by the console.

Please follow these instructions very carefully, report any problems and send back the log files as I describe.

  1. Make sure you’re comfortable with the Sends on Fader program, that you’ve run it and can connect to the console, everything works properly, etc. Leave your console connected and close the program. Navigate on your console to the Output Port Setup page. Make sure all Output Port Delays are OFF and set to 0ms.

  2. Download this debug version of Sends On Fader: This version of the program will write the data it sends and receives to a log file called “SOF.LOG” which will appear in the same folder as the program. I will use it to verify the commands sent by the console regarding delay settings. If you operate the console or the SOF program, it will send hundreds of other messages which I do not want, so don’t use this program like you would with the regular SOF program, just do the steps I ask.

  3. Unzip and run the program. DO NOT MOVE ANY CONTROLS ON THE CONSOLE!

  4. Wait for the Sends on Fader program to automatically connect. If it does not connect, just click on the MIDI button and verify the settings. Again do not move any controls on the console. If you still can’t connect, figure out why before continuing. When you get it solved, close the program and run it again.

  5. Once the program has recognized the console, click each output port delay on/off button in succession. i.e. Delay 1 ON, Delay 1 OFF, Delay 2 ON, Delay 2 OFF, Delay 3 ON, Delay 3 OFF, etc.

  6. Close the SOF program and find SOF.LOG. Rename it M7CL_Delay_On_Off.LOG or LS9_Delay_On_Off.LOG depending on which console you’re working with.

  7. Open the SOF Debug program and wait for it to automatically connect. Adjust each Output Port Delay from 0 to Max and back down to 0. Do it quickly for each setting. Write down what the maximum setting was in ms.

  8. Close the SOF program and find SOF.LOG. Rename it M7CL_Delay_Time.LOG or LS9_Delay_Time.LOG.

  9. Send me those files. (.zip them and attach them to a post here) If you have both consoles, do it for each. Also let me know what the max. Delay setting is for the M7CL and LS9.


sorry, I don’t have a desk right now.
just a quick hint - but I’m sure you know this already:

in the midi param list of M7CL V2 you’ll find an entry for value 282 (line 1192) describing the omni out delay, maximum is 600ms, resolution 0,02ms steps, there also is a delay gang parameter.

while we’re about: it would be great if you could include the polarity switch, as this is important as well if you have to do system control through the desk. it’s just a “bool8” value, description some lines below, value 287.

Hey Christian;

I always like to verify exactly how messages are relayed. I used to do this when I had an LS9 that I was working with. The numbers in the spreadsheets are usually correct, but there have been errors.

I’ll look into the Gang and polarity settings as well.


you just got me on that, as it took me long to find out that the filter-Q-param on a PM5 has got 4 more values than on LS9 and M7, and they are not listed in the midi spec!

Yeah, and it’s a lot more difficult to write software that you can’t test yourself. As long as SM supports it, I can test it locally without the console, but the delay port stuff cannot be tested with SM, obviously.
So, kinda putting myself out on a limb here, so we’ll see how it goes. Would rather do the initial testing myself without the need of beta testers until I’ve got something that works. I just don’t have the time to write this way. :BangHead:
We’ll see how this goes and whether I try this again.

Hi Andy:
See attached, the full delay time is 676.4 across the 8 omni’s. I am running this on an XP, but will be on a Vista Laptop
Thank you for your work!
Alan Phillips

Thanks, Alan. Not sure what happened, but those logs didn’t have the data in them I was looking for.
The log shows that SOF did not connect to the console. Did you see the status bar show that your console was connected?
You do need to connect it the same way as if you were using for Sends on Fader, with Studio Manager running and so on.

I also uploaded a more recent version of the debug file (same link from the post earlier in the thread), if you can try again with that file and send me the logs.

I have to admit that the advent of a Mac version of Studio Manager for these consoles has let the air out of my interest in spending time on it. :rolleyes:

Hi Andy:
pardon my feeble attempt at generating the log files, this time checked the Editor status bar and it connected…
See attached. Incidentally the delay scale is set to FEET.

Thanks, Alan. That looks like the right stuff.
I’ll get to work on this when I get some time.

I ran the SOF Debug again this time with the delay scale set to meters. Delay full scale is now 206.2ms. The log file generated has a lot more stuff now, see attached.
And thank you again for your efforts!