DFR 22 Mod

So, thanks to eBay and China, it cost about $15 for the parts, a bit of time to figure out how to do it, but the procedure probably would take about an hour.

  Added a USB to RS232 adapter inside the DFR so you can just       connect it via USB. The cable and USB to RS-232 circuit board come       complete. I just had to figure out how to retrofit the DFR and       mount the circuit board.
I like the idea of       being able to see what the DFR has done to the eq with the       software. Using the "Shure Link" connections on the back (std.       MIDI cables) you just need the 1 USB connection to see as many       DFRs as you have in a rack.
  For the small cost, I can't see why Shure wouldn't have included a       USB to RS-232 conversion circuit internally. The chipset I chose       (FTI) has built-in drivers in Windows.

pretty cool. i might have to troll eBay for one or two of these if this mod will make editing and working with it something that doesn’t require a 232 adapter. cause that’s hurts my little head…