DLIVE Companion Midi Channel Change

Super green user here, but I have had some success using the companion module with our Dlive - super tricky question…

I’m hoping for something to help change the midi channel that the DLIVE ‘listens’ on. Our issue comes with a fairly unique issue where the iMac that the companion module lives, also hosts a Blackmagic Atem Control software. When we found the trigger for our issue, it was amazing, listen in.

The issue we had was that the Dlive kept muting channel 1, and mono group 1, apparently randomly. What we found was that when we opened the camera control function on the Blackmagic Atem Control software, it sends a midi message to the cameras, but the same midi signal must also trigger mutes on the Dlive. It recreates very easily and consistently.

My thought is that when you first add the Dlive to the companion module, you might also get an option to choose which midi channel to listen on so that there would be no clash?

let me know if this is possible - love the work, so impressed with this module’s functionality, it’s been a super game changer!

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Interesting issue, but it doesn’t really make any sense that this happens.
First off, why is the ATEM software sending ANY messages to the IP address and port of your mixrack?
I assume that this has nothing to do with companion, this issue happens if you are only running the native ATEM software and nothing else?

Yes correct, it’ll be nothing to do with companion. It’s simply, you open the atem control software, and then you choose the camera control tab, and boom, mutes channel 1 and group 1. This will happen because the allen and heath tcp/midi app you need to install to get companion to talk to dlive will be hearing the midi command from the atem control software. So it’s a super frustrating impossible bug.

My presumed solution would be that if I can get the dlive to listen on a different channel, it avoids being talked to by the atem control software - which I have tested. This is all well and good, but I can’t seem to get companion to change which midi channel it talks to Dlive on etc.

There might even be a known solution that’s better!

My Breakdown:

iMac hosts companion server

  • Talks to atem
  • Talks to Dlive
  • Talks to other things
  • To talk to DLive you need the tcp midi driver from A&H
  • The Atem control software (not going via companion) sends midi data, presumably, out on the same MIDI channel because this connection exists
  • Other Midi channels on the Dlive don’t receive the midi commands from the software control from what I can see

I’m not sure where you got that information, but the A&H tcp/midi app should not be installed. I’m actually surprised that the dLive companion module will even work with it running.
Turn it off and you should be fine.

Still kinda bizarre that the ATEM software sends out MIDI, but I’m not familiar with it’s operation. Maybe there’s a reason for that…

Did that work?