dLive MIDI/TCP merge

I think I’m going to merge the 2 modules, rewriting the MIDI one.
The user can choose MIDI or TCP, but if they choose MIDI then obviously some commands will not be available.

Done. Latest build contains both TCP and MIDI functions.

Please let me know if anyone finds any bugs!

I wonder if I’ve been approaching this wrong? I think the original idea was to just add some missing commands to the MIDI module, but I went on to create a whole other module communication system using TCP. Maybe I should simply open 2 ports, one for MIDI, one for TCP and use MIDI for everything that works for MIDI, and TCP for the rest.
Seems, for example, bus muting works better in the MIDI world anyway…

Still, though, I’m not really going to be happy until I figure out how to get some sort of feedback.


In the meantime, I’m probably going to see how a “combo” (2 ports) module works and see if that’s a better way.

Modules merged. Uses MIDI for most functions, and TCP for functions that MIDI doesn’t cover.

I’m fond of this approach. Thanks Andy!

I’m still thinking about feedback. Updated other thread with some findings. Going to try to sort through the data with Scapy and Tshark.

Might get director to send some responses back :slight_smile: