Dlive streamdeck

Fyi your dlive streamdeck controller works for a digico 4rea4! Which is awesome! By chance is there a way to creat buttons that would move the fader in 1db or .5 db increments? Up or down? im wanting to creste a vietual fader with up and down buttons. I am guessing this is not possible. But wondering. Thanks.

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That’s very interesting! I knew the DiGiCo 4rea4 was just a dLive in disguise, so that makes sense.

Relative or Increment/Decrement functions might be possible with the new firmware that expanded the MIDI functions (1.9 + I believe) but I haven’t really looked into it. I’ll have a peek and see.

Hi folks, I’m new but I browsed this forum for a certain time now, I also have the Digico 4Rea4 and used it with Companion with the Dlive modul for over a year. I would love an update with the new midi command to, something as cool as the SQ series modul would be very nice !

I just sold off my dLive so I’m not likely to work on the module any further. The other dev that made the SQ and other A&H modules did a much better job so perhaps nudge him a bit to update the dLive/iLive module?

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