DM7 RCP Macros

Hi Andy,

My name’s Charles Shell. We’re using the DM7 here on our Broadway show and I’m really curious in trying to use your module to program some new macros. I’m not familiar with Discourse or the whole “Trust levels” thing, but I would love to test out some Macros on the DM7. Send me a message, I’d love to give you some feedback and take it for a spin.

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Welcome, Charles!

The “trust” thing is an annoying requirement of keeping bots at bay. I’ve manually upgraded you so you should be able to access the files now.

I’d love to hear what you want you’ve got cooking. Been a few years since I was at Broadway, and love to hear that not EVERYONE is on a DiGiCo there! :slight_smile:


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Yeah! Thanks very much. I have to admit… my greatest desire for making custom macros is because I’m missing the functionality I would normally have with a DiGiCo :sweat_smile:

But having said that, the DM7 is an impressive little board and the new Theatre Package for it looks promising, but a little bare-bones. We’re just starting out with it, so we’ll see what it can do!


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