DTR 2450 new user

Hi all. I’ve just bought some DTR 2450 radios and found this forum with all its useful information.

Anyone else who has this radio, what do you think of the range? I went out and did a little range test and they worked decently. Much better than Wifi range even though they both use 2.4GHz.


Lots written about the range of these devices. TL;DR = the range is better than UHF devices 4-5 times the power.

Thanks for approving my post Andy. I see that most of the other posts are for the DTR 600 and 700 radios which use the 900MHz band. The 2.4GHz radios I have seem to work a lot less far than the 900MHz radios unfortunately, judging by the reports from people on here on 900MHz radios. Nevertheless I don’t regret buying them because they’re very interesting devices.

Oops! Missed that you weren’t talking about 600 series. Gotta slow down.

Sorry about that! Are the 2450 series any good?

The range is not that great when I tested it around my neighbourhood. But overall it’s an interesting radio. I bought them mainly because I was interested in the technology.

Do you know if there’s any firmware up for DTR 2450s? I searched on the forum but I only saw the firmware for 900MHz models. But I could have easily missed it. Thanks in advance

I haven’t seen anything for that model.

No worries, thanks, I’ll keep looking around!