DTR 600/DTR700 Problems and Issues

I thought it might be nice to have a thread where we can discuss things…bad things… we discover with the DTR 600/700 radios.

I’ll start it off…
I bought a DTR 600 to play with this week. I was able to program and get it talking with my 550/650 radios and one DLR1020 (public groups). My problem is with the private talk function.

I transmit from the 600, a 550 does a private reply back to me. Sometimes it works fine. Other times it says “user not available” If we wait a bit, ie wait a second or two, it will work (ie user available, and we didn’t wait long enough for us to drop out of chance to go private). Is anyone else seeing this?

The behavior is similar to what happens with two 550s at the limit of their range but I’m sitting 10-15 feet away from the other radio. I know it’s not an interference issue because I have 18 550/650 radios that work just fine on-site plus I have done a radio noise check on the 900Mhs band recently.

It looks to be an issue of the 600 not always transmitting/receiving the radio ID correctly.

Anyone else seeing this? Does private work reliability with multiple 600/700 radios?

I have not seen this weird behavior. I have a fleet of 6 DTR700 radios and a fleet of 6 DTR650 radios. I recently sold my fleet of 6 DLR1060 radios to a friend for his business. I have them all working with each other on public groups and on a private group. All of them were only a few feet apart when I was testing them to make sure the programming is correct.

How long do you have the group call hang time set to in the DTR600? This is the hang time during which a DTR600/700 user or a DLR user can initiate a private reply to a user on an incoming call. The default group hang time in the CPS is 4 seconds for the DTR600/700 and DLR1020/1060. I recommend changing the group call hang time to something around 10 seconds to help with experimenting to find out what’s going on. The talkgroup hang time in the older DTR410/550/650 models appears to be around 12 seconds and is not adjustable.

I haven’t seen the behavior you described. I haven’t used private calling much so I probably haven’t stumbled across it yet. If it’s an issue with the 600 not transmitting/receiving the radio ID correctly, does it still happen when the radios are a little further apart, say 20 to 50 feet away? I suspect the radios transmit the ID correctly but some radios have trouble receiving due the other radios transmitting nearby and causing de-sense in the receiver in some radios. It might be a case of radios unintentionally jamming each other under the right circumstances.