Dtr 620

Hi, my name is Gabriela, I’m from Brazil. I have training in electronics technician. I work with the EP450 and DEP450 radios. I recently started working with DTR620 and am looking for information about the model.

These are the mexican version of the radios seen in America. The use mexican software and default frequencies. Other than that they are identical in operation to the North American version.

Hi there. I’m from Brazil too and use DTR620s in my company. We have about 30 of them here, but it’s a little hard to deal with those, specially in the programming area. CPS for the 620’s is really hard to find because in Latin America Motorola try to sell it as a service and it’s not in the website for download, after that, you can’r find anything about firmware for those radios in their website too. CPS and firmware from the North America 650’s does not work. They force you to call to an official assistance and bring your radios there and pay those traditional high prices for official assistance in something that should be so easy.

Hi! How’s it going? Really’s so hard use DTR in Brazil. Now the companies are using DTR720.