DTR External Mic with 3.5mm Audio Out?

As the title says: I really need to find an external hand Mic for the DTR650 where the Mic itself has a 3.5mm audio out.

Reading from the official DTR Accessories Catalog (from 2009), they spec the HMN9051A for the DTR series. It a speaker/mic combo and does not have audio out.

Example: Motorola HMN9051A Remote Speaker Mic CP100 DTR650 W/ PTT & Swivel Clip | eBay

Right below that they offer models like the PMMN4013A that look nearly identical but have the 3.5MM out. Mostly these are sold as for the CP150 and CP200 series.

Example: PMMN4013A Remote Speaker Mic for CP200 CP150 Shoulder Mic Handheld Microphone | eBay

Both look like the exact same 2-pin connector.

Will any of these work with the DTR radio?


After posting this I did find someone in an Amazon review mention that the PMMN4013A model will work with the DTRs, but it doesn’t not mention using the external jack so not 100% confirmed that it works, but I imagine it would.