DTR failures

Hi. I need help to resolve two defects in DTR 620 radios. The first defect occurs with the radio going into “test mode” alone. And the second defect occurs with the radio transmitting without the PTT being pressed. I have already performed all the redefinitions I found here.

I am using the program for DTR 620 CPS version R03.02. The firmware version R5E.06.02 and the codeplug CP03.10.10.

Any idea?

Check for connections being “pushed” because they are either being squeesed by the case or the contacts have been pushed too hard at some time and are now always (intermittantly) making connection. In other words its a mechanical rather than an electronic issue.

If it were the case of a specifically mechanical problem, should it stop after changing the buttons?
Because that’s exactly what I did after the reset and the problem persists.

It should unless there is corrosion on a connector? Used radios are bad for such problems often its why they are sold off :frowning: