DTR Parts Sources

I got my replacement DTR lenses here.
If others have additional parts sources, it would be good to share resources here.

I started to order from the place you gave, but there was one of my needed parts they did not have, so I placed my order at http://www.radioparts.com/motorola-6115091h09

You may also find this link helpful giving part numbers: http://wiscomm.blogspot.com/2009/03/motorola-dtr410-dtr550-dtr620-dtr650.html

I printed the list of part numbers for future use.

Thanks for the links. Have you found any Canadian sources for these parts? It can be a hassle dealing across the border.

Thanks again for all the great info.

I have not. I have had to purchase everything in the USA. I am lucky however to be able travel to the USA quite often.

Thanks again for all the great info.


I’m a bit new to these so I’m still learning the terminology, are “lenses” the front windows to the screen?

The lenses are the plexiglass covers over the LCD display.

http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001322OP8?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=od_aui_detailpages00 they were cheap so i bought them all:) ikk ket you know if they work and i will make them available to everyone:eusa_clap:

Any update on if they worked?

Would love to know if they worked, as well. Any update?

Here is another web site you may find useful for you http://www.2wayradioparts.com/dtr650.html

I am looking for a couple of Butt Seals for a DTR650. P/N Motorola 3215078H01. Any ideas?

This is the only place I can find that has them in stock: https://www.unlimitedcellular.com/Motorola-3215078H01-BUTT-SEAL_p_347183.html

Here is a source… https://www.radioparts.com/motorola-3215078h01

FYI, just tried placing an order with 2wayradioparts.com, and was told all DTR items are obsolete and unavailable.

Looking for the part number or specifications for the T6 (?) torx screws that hold the DTR radios together.

Trying to rebuild a DTR550 and I’m clearly not the first as several of the screws are stripped, and I would like to replace them once I can get them out.

Does anyone have a part number? Or have a way of accurately measuring their size so I can find another source?

Thanks in advance!

Successfully placed an order with http://www.batteryclearance.com/

They had everything I needed in stock, and I received my order in a few days.

Edit: Still looking for the screws. My post above got moved into this thread.

This is super helpful, thank you! The lens seems to be one of the least robust parts of the radio, and very easily scratched and scuffed. I have had some success in improving scuffed lenses by treating them with lemon oil, leaving overnight before cleaning off, and repeating a few times. This at least can improve the display “fuzzing” caused by scuffs.

hi, have you found screw? I striped one screw and would like to get a replacement.

Good info and sources here, thanks to all.

thanks - that help me too.