DTR power on problem

I have two 650’s one has older firmware. I was wondering if the new firmware lists the bug fixes? My older radio seems to have issues sometimes won’t turn on, sometimes locks up when trying to access the menu from front buttons.

I have had radios with various firmware versions, including the oldest versions.
I’ve never seen any bugs in any of them, just feature differences.

Ok thanks. Thanks for everything I got my DTR updated. I think it still has keypad issues? Might send it in for repair.

Hello, I work with maintenance of this equipment in Brazil. already found several radios of this line with similar problems, I even questioned Andy about errors in these devices, but they are quite complex, and because there is no technical material, were restricted to servicing this radio. The firmware update can even help in some cases, because it is a software, is subject to corrupt. try rewriting the firmware to verify that corrects the defect of your radio.
Here in Brazil the model of our radios is the DTR620, it is the same physical model DTR550.

I too am curious of bug fixes. I have seen it where a DTR looks like it is acting normally but other radios can’t receive from the malfunctioning one nor can the malfunctioning one receive from other radios. The strange thing is that when you try to transmit from the bad radio you get the beep and it looks to all the world that the handshake worked (other radios in range) but nothing. No it’s not on private or anything silly like that. Removing the battery to reset clears it all up.

Other bugs are radios that freeze and the power button does nothing, again the battery in and out to fix. We have 10 DTR radios and use them 7 days a week, about 8 hours per day.

I agree 100% that these radios are very poorly supported by Motorola. I found this site by accident when searching for firmware to try to fix my radios.

I have over 30 of these radios and I have yet to have any problems other than operator or programming mistakes. I guess I must be lucky!
Do all of your radios have the latest firmware?

No - in my online search for firmware I stumbled across this forum and joined. The USB programming cable has been ordered and I’ll be updating the DTRs soon!


Great! Make sure you follow the instructions carefully when updating. Post back with your results!

Hello everyone! I have the exact same issue with one of my DTR’s. It freezes, goes blank and the only fix is taking the battery out and putting back in.

Crystal Cave, have you fixed this bug with the firmware upgrade?

so far so good. I think it helped but as the problem was intermittent it’s difficult to know for sure yet. The instructions for a firmware update include a step to reset the radio to factory settings. Be sure you have a current radio profile on your PC to upload back to the radio after the update.

We also took the other radios (with current FW) and power cycled them as well.

I’m buying the flash cable soon and will try the FW update. I know what you mean, mine is intermittent too.
Will keep you posted if I have any updates!
Thanks for the tip!

Unfortunately it will take longer than expected… The cable was on backorder on all suppliers here in Brazil, so it will take 30-45 days for it to arrive.
Any freezes in the past few weeks CrystalCave?

Hi CrystalCave,
finally got my cable and managed to flash the FW on my DTR’s.
Are you able to say that the freezes have been resolved by the FW flash, now that you have been using the radios for a few months?

I would say that they are 90% resolved. We still have to do a power cycle occasionally on a radio that stops working but it is rare after the firmware update.

I should mention that your mileage may vary…