DTR programming cable with USB adaptor

Anyone have success using the USB to RS-232 adapter to program their DTR radio via USB? I found this adapter that motorola allegedly recommends for using with their CPS allegedly

That’s all I ever used. There’s millions of them out there that will work fine.
Are you having trouble with yours?

not exactly, I just wanted to hear everyone elses experience with the adapter. I used to have a toughbook with all my CPS stuff but i let a friend borrow it and he passed away, unfortunately I couldnt get a hold of his parents. So I’m starting all over again, but now I have a gaming laptop and it doesnt have a serial port. I was debating about buying another toughbook but it would be much cheaper to buy the adapter. Ideally, I hope this adapter will work with my other motorola radios as well. thank you for the response! im going to buy the adapter and see what happens

You said “THE adapter”.
There’s millions of them, which one in particular are you talking about?

yeah I should have been more specific, this is the one I am ordering, but through amazon. found it at a cheaper price. it should be in my mailbox on tuesday

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