DTR Repair recommendations

We have a DTR 550 that is acting up - needs a new headphone/mic jack. Our dealer said that the radio needs to be shipped to Motorola for repair and the repair cost is very close to the cost of a new radio. I have looked at the repair docs here but don’t feel like attempting the repairs myself.

With that said, does anyone have recommendations for a repair center for the DTR radios??



Your best bet might just be to find a used DTR550 on eBay. Likely most repair shops will charge you more than the cost of a used DTR550. Maybe you can sell the broken one for a few bucks for “parts”?

Sorry, though. If you’re dead set on getting it repaired, I don’t know of any repair places for radios other than the obvious local radio dealers. I would just google for your local radio dealers and get a quote if you’re curious.