DTR serial port commands?

Have any of you run across any documentation detailing the protocol and command set for communicating with the DTRs via the serial port/CPS cable?

I’m interested in creating an embedded microcontroller application that could roughly emulate the SMS Tool and send text alerts into a DTR system in response to some detected event, such as a security sensor tripping. I’ve already done some serial port sniffing, but it’s clear that attempting to reverse-engineer will be a long and tedious path without any assurance of success. Thought I’d at least ask here, before I put any more time into it.

I have not seen any documentation on the serial commands, but I’ll check around and if I find something I’ll let you know!

If you really want to do this via serial port, you’ll have to do the sniffing. I checked with my contact at Motorola, and they’re not giving out that information, at least at this point.

However, why not hook into the SMS application that’s already available?

Can’t say I’m surprised, but I really appreciate that you checked.

However, why not hook into the SMS application that’s already available?

Mostly because a $25 Arduino board and a couple evenings’ worth of coding is a lot simpler and cheaper than a Windows PC, I suppose. Does the SMS Tool support any kind of app-to-app hooks or scripting? I’ll have to look into that. That might be a solution for the scenarios where a PC could be used.

Understood. Still doesn’t sound easy.
Dunno about how to hook into the SMS software, but I was thinking there are automation programs like AUTOIT that can click buttons, type text and so on, basically remote-controlling any app via scripting.