DTR Transmission Range

I didn’t want to update a stale thread, but…

I just spent 7 days using (4) DTR 650’s (with OEM stubby antennas) on a 1000 foot long cruise ship - While I couldn’t tell you the exact linear distance from radio A to radio B, I can say that I had absolutely NO reception/transmission issues from the lowest deck, to the opposite end of the ship 14 decks higher. I was quite impressed myself, as the last time I tried this with analog 5 watt 450’s they didn’t get very far!

Yeah, the distance that these radios work is pretty impressive.

What SDWA said. I have used good Part 90 commerical radios on GMRS on a cruise ship a few years ago. My experience matches yours on UHF analog. Next time my wife and I go on a cruise we will be using our DTR650 radios.

DTRs and the new DLRs rock! :slight_smile: