DTR410 issues

I have 2 DTR 410’s that I stopped using a couple of years ago due to an unknown fault in one or the other. Still powers on but will not transmit /receive. I figured the only hope would be to flash the rom with new firmware. I just found this thread (excellent) and cannot find any of the flashing cables anywhere… does anyone have one that I could borrow / rent or know of any that still has them? Thank you!

Yes it seems things can not be easy anymore when it comes to these radios. Urrg! I powered them up and tested and one will transmit and the other will receive with the id number but will then show the “user not available” when I try to key back. I think I am going to try to do a factory reset and then see what happens…? Any direction on how to wipe everything and start fresh - just in case somehow it is a programing fluke since they seem to try to communicate when keyed (or at least act like they do)??


Go through the manual and flash instructions on how to reset your Radio and program them.