DTR410 - No private groups?

I have some DTR410 radios, and would like to setup some private groups. However, no tree item for Private Group is shown in CPS 3.02, and using the programming mode on the radio only offers private contacts or public groups as entry options. Am I missing something or does this feature not exist on the 410?

BTW firmware R5E.06.05, codeplug CP03.10.13

No Private groups on the DTR410.


Page 1-2.

well that’s a bummer. moving on…

So with no private groups and no profile IDs, is the only way to make a one-to-many call on the DTR410 while protecting it against eavesdroppers, to choose a different hopset/channel number (1-10)? Or is there another way to achieve the same goal?

No Private groups in the DTR410. The only way to make a public talkgroup more secure is to effectively “hide” it well enough to make it less likely to be discovered. That means stay well away from the programming defaults. Change the hopset/channel number (1-10) to something other than the default (1) and use a public group ID up close to 50. The range of available group IDs for public talkgroups is 1-50. Most users probably use only the first 20 or so group IDs and stay on hopset/channel 1 (default).

The default profile on the DTR410 contains 20 private groups, with group IDs 1 through 20, all on channel (hopset) #1. And the DTR410 only supports the first 50 group IDs.

So on the DTR410, I would be the most secure by using only channels 2 through 10 and group IDs 21 through 50.

Also, I guess I can use the public group for calling, then when I get a response I can easily switch to a private call for a secure conversation. I think that’s good enough.

Thanks for your help!

Resurrecting this thread!

Did I read somewhere, which I can’t find now of course, it’s possible to flash a 410 with DTR firmware designed for the 550/650 gaining additional functionality and perhaps Private Groups?

Dunno. There was some talk here but I don’t think anyone confirmed it was possible.