DTR620 and DLR1060

Hello everyone, everything good ?

I am breaking my head to put my DTR620 radio to talk to the DLR1060, in fact there was already a fleet of DTR620 radios and I want to include the DLR1060 to talk to them.


You’ve read this thread?

Hello Andy,

yes I saw and reviewed and saw again but it was not clear to min in relation to the ID for them to communicate … I create a unique ID and I add to the two or I put the ID of one in the other?

My scenario is that I have a private group in the DTR and I have another private group in the DLR and I need to get them to communicate

Best to ask in that thread so someone there who has done the work can help.

Hello people,

So I tried the whole dawn today to make my radios work with the DLR1060 and the DTR620 to communicate but without success, I put some images attached to someone if you can help me … I look forward to the

I can’t read what’s in the pics because they are small and the resolution is too low. When I zoom in to help view them, the images are too badly pixelated to read.

I’m not familiar with the DTR620. What country or region is it for?

Is the DTR620 able to work with a DTR410/550/650?? If YES, then it can also work with a DLR. If NO due to it being for a different country or region then you are probably SOL.