DTR700 Features Question

I currently own 4 DTR-650’s, and got a chance to quickly look at a pair of DTR-700’s yesterday. After that short session and a quick glance at the user guide, can anyone confirm these features are not available (at least not as a default) on the DTR 600/700:

  • Ability to “alert”/ping a single radio
  • Date / Time Clock
  • OTA programming
  • Remote listen/disable
  • Anything other than the OEM antenna (no stubby available)

Looks like trying to pick up some more 650’s may be a better option than the new 700’s…


Going to answer my own questions, after some more hands on:

  1. “Alert” feature - Gone. This seems like a downgrade. I like the option of letting someone know I need to speak to them - when they are ready - as opposed to having to hail them repeatedly verbally.

  2. Date and Clock feature - Gone

  3. OTA programming - Gone

  4. Remote listen / disable - Gone

  5. Antenna options - None at the moment

Also, the “Caller ID” functionality is gone. On the 550/650’s, when you call a single radio or a group, all other radios show the ID/name (if in contacts) of who is transmitting. Not anymore :frowning: This seems like a major oversight!

So… 700’s for now, unless there is a firmware upgrade coming (rumor is there never will be…) other than some different tones and a color screen, seems like a downgrade from the 650, functionality wise.

Off to snatch up some 650’s while I can!