DTR700, OLD versions of CPS wanted.

Fortunately CPS is free so sharing CPS is (finally) not an issue.

I am looking for versions for CodePlug: CP R01.00.00, FW R01.00.02 if anyone has an archive.

As I am still pretty new, I do not know how many versions have come and gone and what changes have occured.

The first Motorola Business Radio CPS version supporting the DTR600/700 models is R07.00. The latest CPS version is R07.02 and is “old enough” and will work with the firmware you have in your DTR700. R07.02 is the only CPS update since the DTR600/700 were released a little over a year ago. The CPS has default radio profiles to use for each model the CPS supports if you want to program a radio starting from the factory default settings.

The CPS is at version R07.xx because the same CPS is used to program all of Motorola’s business radios including the legacy DTR410/550/650 models. The CPS has been updated periodically over the years as new radio models are released and features are added. Don’t worry about the CPS being at R07.00 as a first version supporting the DTR600/700 models and go ahead and download and use the latest CPS version (R07.02).

The firmware updates added a bunch of features including scan capability, OTA cloning, Manager Mode features, canned text messaging, and added a few other features and fixed a few known bugs. The difference between R07.00 and R07.02 CPS is R07.02 is able to access and program the new DTR600/700 features enabled by the firmware updates.

I recommend downloading and using the latest CPS (R07.02) to program your DTR700. I also recommend applying the firmware updates to get all of the latest features.

Good luck. :slight_smile: