DTR700 Programming mode ?

Press & hold PTT, hme and up 3 times, scratch your nose, look left-right-left-right…

I have found that I cannot change the programming of channels, like names or enable/disable through the menus I have available to me via the limited keypad.
Does the software offer a lock configuration option?

Is there a programmers mode like the 650 seems to have of keypad presses to enable more advanced menus?

Still using ver1.0 fw, to get to know old before moving on to new.

Release PTT.

You need the Motorola Business Radio CPS to do what you want. The CPS is a free download from Motorola. The most current CPS version is R07.02. I also recommend downloading the firmware update files while you’re at it.

You also need the CPS programming cable. The HKKN4027A CPS cable is $35 on Amazon. The same cable is used to apply firmware updates.

Good luck.

So there is no RadioShop/Admin key press sequence to allow FPP modifications if software has “locked it” ?

That’s correct. The Motorola Business Radio CPS and HKKN4027A CPS cable is what you need. Connection to the radio is done through the Single Unit Charger (SUC) tray. The CPS cable plugs into the SUC tray in place of a cell phone charger used to charge the radio.

Good luck.