EQ Library

Is there any chance to recall an specific item from the EQ Library with the RCP module?
I’m struggling how to update certain EQ’s i.e. when changing acoustic guitar if breaking a string…

I’ll look into that. Might be possible!

The channel, eq, dynamic, etc library recall commands are available, but, like the console, only recalls to the selected channel. Since you cannot “select” a channel via RCP, it would be of limited use…

How can I select it? I can’t find it on the available actions.

I haven’t added it. I thought it wouldn’t be useful because it only recalls to the selected channel, meaning you’d have to manually select the channel on the console anyway, so it’s only 2 more steps to recall the library from the channel view.
Would you find recalling a library to the selected channel useful?

But, if you’re using a CL or QL console, you can recall any library to any channel using my MIDI module.