Erratic configuration for SOF

Looking for a FAQ or troubleshooting guide on SOF, please. I’m running XP Home (SP3), latest SM and LS9 Editor, installed SOF. Issues are that the midi port settings keep getting reset or dropped, and once I’ve reconfigured everything to run with the proper midi-yoke ports in SM, the LS9 Editor, and SOF, it sometimes still will not run. The midi button in SOF is green, but the Editor doesn’t go online and SOF doesn’t respond to mix button or stereo/all mix button clicks.

There’s no FAQ because there are no FAQs. :icon_winkle:
If you follow the instructions, it just works.
The only problems I’ve heard of users having so far is not following the instructions. That’s not to say that the program is definitely bug-free, but other than an x64 version I had to come up with, so far it’s been fine for everyone.

If you feel you’ve followed the instructions exactly, then go over the steps one more time and if you’re still having trouble, write back.

O me of little faith. I failed to realize the midi port settings on the console side in SOF were to remain as (in my case) LS9. All better now, and it’s stable. :icon_pray:

Glad to hear it! Enjoy.