Ethernet to MIDI driver for Mac

I’ve often wondered why there is no SM for Mac for the LS9/M7CL.
I’ve been told that Yamaha could not get an Ethernet to MIDI driver working on Mac. This doesn’t really make any sense, since there are apps that allow MIDI over Ethernet on the Mac, as well as (I’m told) Support for MIDI over IP in OSX Tiger onwards. There’s also these:

Anyway, I don’t have a Mac, and know very little about how to work them, but perhaps one of you that have one and an LS9 or M7CL want to do a little experimenting for the fun of it? If you can run a program like MIDI-Ox on a Mac (whatever the equivalent is) while running under OSX, and can get a MIDI-over-IP driver working, maybe see what spits out of the console (if anything)…

All just for curiousity sake, really, since there are no SM Editors for the Mac for those consoles…

Hello Andy,

I have been using my BCF’s with various Yamaha desks for a while now, and so far no problems. I have had 100% success with Ethernet over the power cable to the stage, either with the desk FOH or on-stage.

You are correct that there is a Midi over IP service built into the Mac which shows up as “Network” under midi devices. This system - rtpMIDI - has also become standard for all apple devices - I-Phone, I-Pad, etc. It has been available for a while for Linux of course.

AND NOW - it is available free for Windows ----------

It seems to be becoming a de-facto standard in the wake of the demise of Midi-Lan, and it is rapidly changing my ideas about how run a remote mixing session. To be able to connect Midi across all devices and platforms - Yummie.

Also, I have just downloaded a MidiOx Beta. I didn’t imagine that there would ever be another release. It’s available on the MidiOx site, and so far it seems more stable.

David Kent.

PS. Except that although SM and the 01v96 will talk ok over rtpMidi I cannot get SM to synchronize even with the server and client on the same machine. It’s not an XP problem, as XP “nearly” completes the synchronization (even over wifi) whereas the Mac doesn’t even start !!

Maybe you have an idea about this Andy? I know that with SOF the synchronization can be slow, so it probably isn’t a timing issue.