Ethernet to MIDI driver for PC

Re: Ethernet to MIDI driver for Mac

Hello Andy,

I have been using my BCF’s with various Yamaha desks for a while now, and so far no problems. I have had 100% success with Ethernet over the power cable to the stage, either with the desk FOH or on-stage.

You are correct that there is a Midi over IP service built into the Mac which shows up as “Network” under midi devices. This system - rtpMIDI - has also become standard for all apple devices - I-Phone, I-Pad, etc. It has been available for a while for Linux of course.

AND NOW - it is available free for Windows ----------

It seems to be becoming a de-facto standard in the wake of the demise of Midi-Lan, and it is rapidly changing my ideas about how run a remote mixing session. To be able to connect Midi across all devices and platforms - Yummie.

David Kent.