Hi, first time with the Yamaha Companion module.
I’m looking to get a Fader Level value into a variable, to use it to fade other thing via Companion.
How to get it as a variable? I don’t see FaderLevel into the Variable tab.


Hello and Welcome!

The way variables are created is a little different with my modules.
I would recommend watching the tutorial videos to get a better understanding. If you have questions after that, let me know!

Hi Andy, thanks for your help.
I assume that the variable is not created since I am not connected to the QL yet?

I understand why you did this that way, otherwise there would be too much endpoint to listen for.
But is there a way to force it to be able to program it without have the QL with me ?

ok, this was a lightbulb moment for me! THANK YOU

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And then now you can remove the Q-Sys :sweat_smile:


You could just create a custom variable for testing, then replace it with the auto-created variable once you connect to the console.

Are you speaking to me? What Q-Sys?

No sorry, to @reidwwall, forgot to mention.