Feature request: generic MIDI auto-reconnect

Hi Andy,
I installed 2 generic Midi Modules in Companion.

  1. connects to IAC Driver Bus (MacOS)
  2. connects to Logic Virtual IN (Logic Pro Daw)

In Logic i created a “Mackie Control” Surface wich receives Midi from Logic Pro Virtual Port.

Connection 1 is to send regular Midi Stuff, like Notes, Control Changes - basically acts like a controller Keyboard.
Connection 2 is to send Mackie Control Protocol Data to control Logic Functions that are not controlable via Key-Commands.
So far it works pretty awesome.

I’m still new to this , but what would be cool if one could integrate the Mackie Control Protocol and HUI Protocol somehow into this, to get readouts on the Surface like “Channel name” or “Volume = 3dB” etc.

I find that all Hardware Controllers like Mackie Control, X-Touch, Presonus Faderport etc. have really small displays and it’S ftediuos and fatiguing to work with displays that small.
Besides Names are cut or shortend and Information is spread sometimes over 20 “scribble sreens”.

Would be great to just get the info you realy need on a Tablet display by just adding, what you need, wouldn`t it.

Basically it’s just sysex and midi data sent back and forth between the controller and the DAW, but I’m not advanced enough on the subject to decipher that.

Anyway: THE REASON why I write:
I start Companion with system start. So companion is always “ready” before I start Logic. Hence the Logic Pro Virtual IN Port in “Connections” shows ERROR (Midi Out Port not open.

After Logic has started , I then have to click “SAVE” and it reconnects and works.
Looks like companion only checks for Connections once at startup.
Would be nice if it would check on a regular basis to establish the connection to the DAW, once it boots up.


I understand what you’re saying about the ports. Basically an option to “re-scan” for the MIDI ports if there’s an error, kinda like the network ports are continuously scanned…

I’ll look into that. Not positive if that should be part of the underlying MIDI driver or just my module, but it’s a good idea.