Feature Request - Mix Insert On/Off Companion

Hey Andy and Forum Friends,
Got a weird request I’m looking for and I’m hoping it would be simple to add! I’m looking to add the feature for insert on/off for mixes and matrices. I’m hoping to use this to break the inputs feeding the mix and assign a single input from the omni inputs into that mix instead. A little complicated but think of it as an IFB microphone that needs to interrupt the mix going to that specific mix minus. Make sense? Wondering if anyone else is looking for this?

You guys are all rad!



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Grumble grumble grumble. Okkkkkkkk, I will look to go that route! Just can’t really integrate more hardware into these studios at this point, they’ve become s bit too hardware heavy.

Thanks as always Andy!

What are you talking about?
Just use the MIDI module downloadable from here. What additional equipment do you need?